AFLatex Technologies

We provide a novel preservation and stabilization solution for liquid latex that is environmentally friendly and free of ammonia, TMTD, ZnO, or other harmful chemicals. The additives preserve the liquid latex in an acidic environment, counterintuitive to the current state of the art.

These additives form antibiotic molecules that not only eliminate the harmful bacteria but also stabilize the rubber particles within the latex.

Environmentally Friendly

a rubber tree roughly sequesters 3 kg of CO2

Free of Amnonia

TMTD, ZnO and other chemicals

Neutral Smell

and superior mechanical properties

Increased shelf life

from a few moths, to a few years

Due to the absence of ammonia, the novel method renders a natural rubber free of volatile fatty acids (VFA), resulting in rubber with a neutral smell and superior mechanical properties.

The neutral smell opens the doors to applications where this attribute is of importance, such as in the automotive industry, where materials with noxious smells must be avoided when dealing with interior of the cabin components.

"...resulting in rubber with a neutral smell and superior mechanical properties."

After the coagulation process where the solid natural rubber is removed, the residues no longer adversely affect the environment, and the sugars, amino acids, proteins, and lipids can be recovered and used for other applications. For example, the quebrachitol, a naturally occurring substance, can be used for pharmaceutical applications and pesticides for various crops.

Rubber processed using the novel AFLatex technology no longer requires water treatment facilities to remove harmful chemicals and additives.

"...the residues no longer adversely affect the environment..."

With AFLatex’s novel stabilizers and preservatives, the shelf life of the liquid field latex increases from a few months (for traditional ammoniated latex), to a few years.

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